Hot-Melt Gluing Equipment



This machine is suitable for the thickness of more than 1mm plane, such as, shoes, luggage, leather goods, stationery, cardboard boxes, sports equipment and other types of materials on the use of gluing.

  1. Innovative design on the rubber tire and rubber tank to control temperature separately to prevent the rapid carbonation of hot-melt adhesive.
  2. This machine knife seat is equipped with automatic replenishment when no glue and glue tank warning light system when no glue to reduce operating time and increase production.
  3. The machine can be equipped with suction and exhaust machine, can quickly discharge odor gas.


Model YC-988A
Power 1/2HP
Gluing Width 300mm
Gluing Thickness 1-40mm
Net Weight 120kg
Machine Size 850x450x1300mm

*Our company reserves the right to modify the specifications & dimensions. If those are subjected to change, without prior notice.