Hot Melt Adhesive Cantilever Gluing Machine


Performances and features:

  1. This machine is applicable to hot melt adhesive with material thickness more than 0.8 mm for gluing on plane for fitting, either on plane or edge.
  2. The glue groove is treated with Teflon, easy to clean and replace glue.
  3. The temperatures of glue groove and roller are independently controlled. The temperature can be adjusted according to the features of hot melt adhesive to prevent carbonization of glue.
  4. The machine is equipped with blower for air inlet and exhaust, able to reduce the smell and smoke.
  5. The motor is provided with inverter controller. The rotation speed of gluing can be adjusted as required.


Type YC-820L
Power 1HP
Width of gluing 600mm
Netweight 180kg

*The company reserves the right to change specifications and dimensions without further notice.