Features & Perfomance

  1. This machine is suitable for cold-press shaping of various materials. This machine can also be changed into hot-press shaping machine.
  2. This machine can manufacture removable shoe soles for sneakers, EVA shaping, the protective cover for sports goods, travaling kits, and the shaping of peripheral protective cover for a computer.
  3. The upper and lower cooling board of this machine can adjust the cooling temperature to the lowest -10 degrees.
  4. This machine adopts the operating method of fast-speed cooling shaping. The production of this machine is twice as much as that of the regular water-cooling machine. In addition, the shaped products are good- looking and precise, difficult to change the shape.
  5. This machine can adjust the needed shaping time. It is easy to operate, and safe, too. It is indispensable production tool for cold-press shaping factory.
  6. It changed the conventional style of iced water machine, which was installed with cooling water tower and equipped with pipes of the complicated style. Instead, the cooling machine is put behind this machine body. The cooling pipes are installed on the cooling board to save man-power and reduce the damage and wear of the materials.
  7. This machine adopts the advanced oil-pressure system with fast speed, low noise. The power of oil pressure can be made according to the customers's specification and according to the materials needed.


Model YC-301B-4P
Freezing board operating area 300 X 450 mm
Hyd. pump motor 10HP Double axles
Hyd. oil volume 300 Liter ( R68 )
Power of refrigerator 7.5 HP
Cooling machine weight 480kg
Chiller size 1350 x 870 x1550 mm
Oil tank size 700 x 750 x 600 mm
Oil tank weight  
Machine Size 2920x 750 x 1620mm
N.W./G.W. 3500 kg

*Our company reserves the right to modify the specifications & dimensions. If those are subjected to change, without prior notice.